December 6, 2012

Home is ALWAYS Where the Heart Is...

...therefore, be sure your heart is with those who matter MOST.
Then you'll always be happy to be home.

Spent a chilly, yet beautiful fall Friday with these fabulous people!  What made the day exciting is the fact that it was our first opportunity to get together to shoot in all 20 of the years we've known them.  For example, Nana in this family?  Our own photographer spent many years calling her Mom, due to how much time the girls spent together.  And the oldest of Nana's grandkids goes to high school with our own daughter!

Considering the long history & tender spot in our hearts for them, it truly was a treat to spend that Friday afternoon making memories and snagging sweet moments with the camera.

Without even knowing them in person, it is still not difficult to see how very blessed this family is.  The kids are sweet & patient, adorable & handsome...and they all have the biggest hearts.  Our other favorite thing about them is how obvious it is that they belong to one another.  No matter how different life's details can become, it is apparent that they would not be complete without each other.   That alone is a substantial legacy to be a part of!  

May the holiday season to come bring happiness, and may the years bring an even greater abundance of blessings their way.

So very grateful to be allowed to witness cherished moments such as these.

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