June 13, 2014

Back in Action for 2015 Seniors!

What a roller coaster the first six months of 2014 has been for us health-wise.
Thank you so, so, soooo much for all positive wishes & your patience.

With another year's High School graduates having been unleashed on the adult world,
it leaves us in an exhilarated place full of anticipation for the next graduating class.

There are so many memories to make.
...So many places to go.
...So many feelings to feel.
...So many friends to make.
...So many events to attend.
...So many lessons to learn.
...So many campuses to discover.
...So many exams to prepare for.
...So many applications to complete.
...So many dreams to realize.
...So many plans to create.

This time of year is like the fresh air after a rainstorm.
Fresh, promising, and inviting.

So, Class of 2015, allow us to be part of your exciting journey.

Thanks in advance,

January 6, 2014


LatchKey Photography's original Holiday closure of December 16th - January 7th, has been extended due to prolonged illness.  As soon as there has been clearance by the medical team, LatchKey Photography will be re-opened for business in 2014. Thank you for your patience & understanding.

September 2, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | LKP 10-IN-20 SENIOR EVENT

Got a crazy schedule? No worries!

In order to help meet your yearbook deadline LatchKey Photography is proud to announce our
10-IN-20 Senior Saturday Event!

We're offering 20 min micro-sessions on Saturday 9/28. Get in, get it done & move on to the other cool Senior stuff!

$70 scores you a 20 minute shoot, from which there will be 10 images to choose your yearbook image. From the remaining images you can purchase additional à la carte prints, or you can order any of our three specially priced print packages (starting at $140) that will only be available that day. 

Appointments are limited, so contact us ASAP to see specifics on the exclusive 10-IN-20 print packages & to book your 10-IN-20 Micro-Sesh now!

September 1, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | New Season = New STYLE!

Summer of 2013 can do down in the history books as one of our unforseen most-busiest summers ever!  Busy is good.  Busy teaches us where we need to streamline.  Busy teaches us what our strengths AND weaknesses are.  Busy teaches us the value of what we do, as well as the time we spend doing it.  Busy also teaches us the need for clearer communications.

One of those areas in need of streamlining & clear communications in with our Senior portraits.  So to help with that, we discovered a convenient method of getting crucial info to our Seniors and their parents.  LKP now offers a "What to Wear" guide when you click below:

And speaking of STYLE, since everyone wants to feel as stylish as possible to ensure they get the full rockstar or supermodel experience out of their LatchKey Photography session, we now have a stylist whose primping expertise is now part of our LKP Senior packages.  HOORRAY!  She is a doll and we're positive you'll love her as much as we do!  Each new package allows for easier customization, since each person & their portrait needs are different.  Senior pricing can be found when you click below:

So excited for the new ways we get to get creative together!

August 31, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | CLASS OF 2014 SNEAK PEEK: Cassidy {CHS}

We're certain that if one was to look up "fun-loving" in Webster's Dictionary, they should find "See Cassidy" listed as the definition.  She always seeks out a reason to smile or the laughter in every moment.  Spending time with such an optimist tends to chase off even the gloomiest of days. Cassidy's cheerfulness is contagious.  And frankly, compared to other contactable things in life, this girl's outlook is QUITE welcome!

Cassidy loves her family more than anything, with her boyfriend & dogs coming in as a close second & third, respectively.  She is an excellent student, as well as a great tennis player.  She plans to go to a university after she graduates High School. We have every faith that she will make a tremendous difference in this world in all her endeavors, both professionally & personally.  

Good luck throughout this year & beyond, Cassidy!  You are a beautiful gem!

August 26, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | CLASS OF 2014 SNEAK PEEK: Andrew {CHS}

Andrew is a pretty fantastic guy all around, so it only made sense that he'd be the perfect LKP Senior Rep!  

An avid sports fan (especially of the Oregon Ducks!), Andrew is QUITE the basketball phenom! In addition to staying busy perfecting his skills on the court, Andrew also works hard at being an exemplary role model to younger student athletes off the court.  He does this by staying out of trouble, striving to get good grades, and broadening his horizons by taking mechanic classes at the local Vocational school. He's proof that true success comes only out of hard work.

Watching Andrew enter his Senior year is bittersweet.  We're sad at the thought of him preparing to go out on his own, however we're extremely excited for all the doors of opportunity that await him.  

Keep going after your dreams, Andrew.  We are very proud of you!

August 19, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | CLASS OF 2014 SNEAK PEEK: Lindsey {PHS}

What a beauty our PHS Rep, Lindsey, is! No matter what our ideas were she was totally game, which made our creative job that much more enjoyable.  It's truly remarkable the young woman she has become in the short while that we've been photographing her & her family.

Recently Lindsey was named co-captain of her school's volleyball team.  (Be sure to cheer those Bulldogs on!)  Not only are we extremely eager to watch the success she'll help lead her team to, but we are elated at the promise of watching her soak up every last memory she can this year. Nothing but good things are headed her way!

Good luck this year, Lindsey. We adore you!

August 13, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | Getting Educated

Have been spending what little spare time we've had continuing our education.  Today's workshop involved making the best out of the worst lighting situations.  Eastern WA is known for the desert it is.  With that comes the high afternoon sun typically depicted in western cartoons...only no buzzards here.  Shooting in that kind of lighting is not the most ideal.  But we can't always hide out indoors until the perfect light comes.  Too much of life would pass us by!  This is why we've really loved this workshop -- many thanks to Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind for their book & the CL folks for bringing it altogether online.  

One of our favorite techniques from the workshop resulted in the adorable images below of our assistant. This was shot at 1:16 pm PST, with the sun directly hung high overhead.  Normally this would be an impossible task for us, until now. We're extremely grateful for those who share knowledge, like Lindsay & Erik, and help others grow in the process.

If you're on FB and wouldn't mind tossing a vote our direction for this image, we'd appreciate it!   

Thank you & make today a good one!

August 5, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | The B. Family Sneakaroo

To say that we're currently up to our eyeballs in cuteness would be a massive understatement! Just to give you a smidge of an idea of what we're working feverishly on, here's a tiny glimpse at what the definition of PRECIOUS truly is... #lovethem

August 3, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | Class of 2014 Simple Session


By popular request LKP is offering a simple Class of 2014 session from now through mid-April.

SESSION INCLUDES: $140 for 75 minute session with 2 outfit changes & 1 submitted yearbook image file ($266 value). Class of 2014 per print-unit pricing of $14 -- regularly $18 per unit. 
(Each unit = one 8x10 or two 5x7s or 8 wallets.)

Feel free to email any of your questions to or you can directly schedule your Senior session by clicking here.  If you're feeling like you'd prefer to save more on some additional bells & whistles with your LKP Senior session, details for the rest of our Senior pricing can be found on our website or by clicking here.