August 31, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | CLASS OF 2014 SNEAK PEEK: Cassidy {CHS}

We're certain that if one was to look up "fun-loving" in Webster's Dictionary, they should find "See Cassidy" listed as the definition.  She always seeks out a reason to smile or the laughter in every moment.  Spending time with such an optimist tends to chase off even the gloomiest of days. Cassidy's cheerfulness is contagious.  And frankly, compared to other contactable things in life, this girl's outlook is QUITE welcome!

Cassidy loves her family more than anything, with her boyfriend & dogs coming in as a close second & third, respectively.  She is an excellent student, as well as a great tennis player.  She plans to go to a university after she graduates High School. We have every faith that she will make a tremendous difference in this world in all her endeavors, both professionally & personally.  

Good luck throughout this year & beyond, Cassidy!  You are a beautiful gem!