August 13, 2013

Eastern WA Photographer | Getting Educated

Have been spending what little spare time we've had continuing our education.  Today's workshop involved making the best out of the worst lighting situations.  Eastern WA is known for the desert it is.  With that comes the high afternoon sun typically depicted in western cartoons...only no buzzards here.  Shooting in that kind of lighting is not the most ideal.  But we can't always hide out indoors until the perfect light comes.  Too much of life would pass us by!  This is why we've really loved this workshop -- many thanks to Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind for their book & the CL folks for bringing it altogether online.  

One of our favorite techniques from the workshop resulted in the adorable images below of our assistant. This was shot at 1:16 pm PST, with the sun directly hung high overhead.  Normally this would be an impossible task for us, until now. We're extremely grateful for those who share knowledge, like Lindsay & Erik, and help others grow in the process.

If you're on FB and wouldn't mind tossing a vote our direction for this image, we'd appreciate it!   

Thank you & make today a good one!