August 22, 2012

FAMILY PREVIEW: the R family

When looking up the definition for "salt of the earth",
one would most certainly find a picture of the R family! 

This is the second time we've had the pleasure of shooting a couple of their girls; 
both times have been charming.  Now, from a mathematical standpoint, if two R's are really fun to hang out with, then FIVE R's + an easy-going Torie should be a splendid adventure... 

(Considering two of the group traveled all the way up from Missouri just for our photo shoot, made the adventure that much greater! 
...Okay, okay - so maybe not JUST for the shoot, but  still you can bet it had great potential to be pretty tremendous!)

...And on this particular bright & sunny day, Ladies & gentlemen, they did not disappoint! 

Besides being pretty laid-back, their greatest asset is they know full-well how to laugh together, in every circumstance. It makes them an easy family to adore. One family member may be the brunt of some teasing before the focus shifts to someone else, however within milliseconds following the laugh, they are throwing their arms around one another. 

Let it be known that the family who laughs together, stays together. 
The R family is our proof! 

May all that the future holds for them be filled with blessings & continued joy. 


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