August 15, 2012


How many ways do we adore Miss B?  There is no way of counting them, to be certain!
Getting to romp around town with her & one of her besties most of a Saturday night was too much fun.  + it's fantastic way to feel young again!  There were laughs, served up with a side of laughs, and then laughs for dessert!  This girl knows how to relish every moment.
Having watched her from day one until now, what's most unbelievable is how grown-up she & her plans have gotten (and so quickly it seems). No matter how impossible we find it to accept that she's ready to grab life with both hands, she is exactly that: ready.   
May fortune always be your companion, Miss B.... may you continue to face each adversity with a great sense of humor & may every dream you have come to fruition beautifully!

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