October 31, 2012


Three words: what a guy! Mr. A is an outstanding fellow.  Easily adaptable, he makes friends wherever he goes.  Perhaps that due to the fact that he is not only smart but easy on the eyes.  Trust us, the girls swoon!   Not hard to to see why, as occasionally during his shoot that it felt less like a senior portrait session & more like a Jason Aldean photo shoot! 

Great looks aside, some of his strongest characteristics are a fantastic sense of humor, a sincere kindness when reaching out to others, a great love of the outdoors, a vibrant appreciation for good old-fashioned values, and an unshakable sense of who he is now & how his current choices will help him fulfill his potential. His counterparts of this generation could learn a lot from his example!

As if all that wasn't enough, Mr. A enjoys spending time with his family, attending Running Start classes at the local college, dominating in rodeo & hanging out with friends. Safe to say he has a full plate, however more importantly it is one plentiful in rich blessings. 

After graduation, he plans to serve a proselytizing mission for his church, followed by finishing his college education, and eventually getting married & starting a family. There is no doubt that he will be a great leader, one that will help enrich the world.   Whether that leadership is seen within his community, his church, or even simply within the walls of his home, we will all be the beneficiaries of his wisdom.

Mr. A, nothing but good things shall come your way as you remain diligent in the pursuit of your own excellence.  Best of luck!

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